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At Sentai Healthcare Staffing Agency LLC, we strive to provide exceptional service to all our clients. We understand that circumstances may arise where a refund is warranted. This Refund Policy outlines the conditions under which refunds will be provided.

  1. Cancellation of Services:

    • If a client wishes to cancel services before any staffing placement has been made, a full refund will be provided minus any applicable administrative fees.
  2. Unsatisfactory Service:

    • In the event that a client is unsatisfied with the service provided by Sentai Healthcare Staffing Agency LLC, a refund may be issued upon review and approval by management. Refunds in such cases will be determined based on the nature of the dissatisfaction and the extent of services rendered.
  3. Overpayment:

    • If a client has made an overpayment or duplicate payment in error, the excess amount will be refunded promptly upon notification and verification.
  4. Non-Fulfillment of Agreement:

    • If Sentai Healthcare Staffing Agency LLC fails to fulfill its obligations as outlined in the service agreement with the client, a full refund will be provided.
  5. Refund Process:

    • Clients requesting a refund must submit a written request to Sentai Healthcare Staffing Agency LLC outlining the reason for the refund.
    • Refunds will be processed within [number] business days of receipt of the refund request.
    • Refunds will be issued in the same form as the original payment method unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

You may download the acknowledgement form here.

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